Projects, Users, and Teams
1 project * 5 users ** Local teams

£50 per extra project

£10 per extra user

Solo plan available


Projects, Users, and Teams
3 projects * 10 users ** Local teams

£50 per extra project

£10 per extra user


Projects, Users, and Teams
Unlimited projects Unlimited users Local teams

Freelancer? Try our Solo plan!

All the features of Starter, for 1 user, for just £50/month or £500/year.

Plan Features


Organise your work into multiple projects, each with its own people and data. Start with one project and add more over time as you expand to new types of monitoring.


Invite colleagues and volunteers to contribute data to your projects. Each user can be involved in as many projects as you like, with different levels of access to each project.

Local Teams

Split large-scale national and multi-national projects into semi-autonomous teams. Grant admin rights to local and regional coordinators without giving them national-level control.

Upload Data and Photos

Upload as many surveys and photographs as you like without paying extra. We don't limit the amount of data you can enter on Cartographer.

Export Data at Any Time

There's no such thing as vendor lock-in with Cartographer. We provide comprehensive downloads of all survey data you’ve recorded. You can download everything at any time in a variety of useful formats.

Web and Mobile Apps

Enter data via our web site when you're in the office and our mobile app when you're in the field.

Offline Mode on Mobile

Our mobile app works seamlessly without an internet connection, so you can record data where there's no signal and upload it when you're back at the office.

Click on Map

The simplest way to record your location is to click on a map. We provide detailed terrain maps for the whole globe.

Click on Aerial Photo

We also provide an aerial photograph view for those rural areas where standard maps don't quite give the detail you need.


Our web site and mobile app both support geolocation. Click (or tap) a button and Cartographer will zoom straight to your current location.


Enter locations as GPS coordinates or 10-digit National Grid References (NGRs).


Enter locations using what3words' memorable three-word coordinate system.

Select Pre-Defined Sites

For more advanced use cases we also provide the ability to select locations from a set of existing sample sites. Either set up sites within Cartographer, or import locations from a reference map hosted on third party GIS service.

Embed Maps on Your Web Site

Embed a fully interactive Cartographer map on your web site to communicate with your audience.

Offline Maps on Mobile

Download maps in our mobile app for offline viewing without a network connection.

Remove Branding from Maps

Remove the Cartographer logo from map widgets embedded on your web site.

ArcGIS Online

Set up live-links between Cartographer and ArcGIS Online. Visualise and analyse your data using ESRI tools such as StoryMaps. Cartographer keeps ArcGIS up-to-date automatically without you having to lift a finger.

Google Drive

Send newly recorded survey data to Google Drive, either as a backup or to share with colleagues.


Keep the list of users in a project or team synchronised with MailChimp, so you can reach out to them at any time.

Custom Integrations

Integrate Cartographer with your own apps, web sites, and infrastructure. Chat to our development team to find out more!

Assistance with Setup

We roll out the red carpet for every new customer. Our team will help you get set up on Cartographer, taking all of your requirements into account and configuring everything just right before you go live with your project.

Standard Support

Contact our support team via email during normal office hours.

Priority Support

Jump to the front of the support queue and add telephone support to the mix.

Premium Support

Jump to the front of the support queue and get additional help from our team, including custom integrations and SLAs.